Say hello to Tapestry;

the innovative, interactiveonline learning journal.

Click on the link below to take you to the 'log in' page.

During your home visit or initial meeting when your child is offered a place at the pre-school, you will complete a permission slip for Tapestry and we will ask for your email address.

Once your child has started at the pre-school, we will forward to your email address, a request to set up a password, once you have set this up, the email will take you to the home page or you can click on the link as shown above ( you still need to set up your password first).

As soon as you receive the email link requesting a password, you have 24 hrs in which to set this.

If 24hrs has passed since the link was sent, please request another password link to be sent from the pre-school (it is very easy and quick to send !!)

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