The Use of Pupil Premium


Some children attending preschool may qualify for additional funding to support their development. 


The funding is targeted to narrow any developmental gaps that children eligible for the funding may have.


The use of Pupil Premium will vary depending on the amount available and the needs of the children.  With these factors in mind, the funding may be used in a variety of ways;


Broad use


Funding is used to contribute to low staff/child ratios as we recognise that this is a highly effective way of tailoring teaching to children's individual needs. Funding is also used to provide staff training as we firmly believe that a well trained staff team can provide high quality teaching and assessment.   Further broad use includes the provision of additional and extra curricular activities for children.  


For example, it has been recognised that lack of physical activity is becoming a growing concern for children and hugely detrimental to emotional and physical health.  We may use Pupil Premium Funding to provide exciting activities and events that encourage and develop physical activity and form good lifestyle habits that remain with children as they grow.


Targeted use


Children's individual development is regularly assessed by their key person.  If an area of development is highlighted as needing additional support, Pupil Premium Funding can be used to provide this. For example; books which reflect the interests of the child may be purchased to support literacy development, or role play resources provided to encourage social development. 


Regular reviews and assessment of available Pupil Premium Funds and eligible children's developmental levels are carried out to ensure this funding is used in the most effective ways.


Information on how pupil premium has been used and how the child's development is progressing is shared with parents  on a termly basis during parent consultations, or more often if required.

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