Lunch Club £4.50

We are offer a lunch time session starting at 11.45 and ending at 12.30.  Children will need to be provided with a healthy lunch e.g. sandwiches, fruit and yogurt and a drink.  Please do not send your child in with crisps or chocolate bars as we promote healthy eating in our setting. You will also need to mark your child’s lunch box clearly with their name.



Lunch Club Policy

Statement of intent:


We aim to provide a positive lunch club provision where we model and promote healthy eating, good social skills and good hygiene practices.


Lunch club will be available to all children attending Ladybirds.  Places will be allocated in accordance with our admissions policy and a waiting list will be held once all of the available spaces have been allocated. 




  • Children attending lunch club will need a named lunch box. 
  • Please be aware that we do not have facilities to refrigerate lunch contents.  When preparing lunch, please this in mind and do not add foods that will not be edible if left unchilled. 
  • We also do not have facilities to offer to heat lunch for children.  Our lunch club is for a packed lunch only.
  • It is not necessary to provide a drink, as we supply water and cups to our lunch club participants.
  • It is our policy to return any unused food to the lunch box, so that parents can see how much has been eaten.


Healthy Packed Lunch (see our seperate policy for this)


  • We regard lunch time as an important part of the pre-school’s session, as it represents a social time for the children and adults and helps children learn about healthy eating.
  • We are aware of any dietary and/or allergies for individual children and to ensure these are catered for we must insist that NO NUTS are put into lunch boxes. This includes nut snack boxes, peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate nut spread.
  • We actively promote healthy eating so encourage fruit and veg rather than processed foods where possible.  We do not allow any sweets or chocolate to be consumed during lunch club and discourage biscuits, biscuit bars or crisps.  We are able to offer advice regarding what to put into a healthy lunch box, should this be required. We also recommend looking at this website for ideas too


Process for payment of fees:

  • An invoice will be issued or emailed to the parent/carer. Lunch Club can be paid by BACS. By employer childcare vouchers.
  • Full payment is required in advance of lunch club becoming due. The invoice will be paid monthly.

Alternative payment options (To be agreed with the Manager prior to child’s first session or late pay fees will be added)


Payment plan for fees - You will be issued with a clear list of Instalment amounts and dates the fees are due. All will be requested in advance of them becoming due.


By Banking Payment – You can make electronic payments via your internet banking. Bank details are listed on each fee invoice. Please reference your payments with your child’s name and  ‘lunch club’ in order for us to know who and what is being paid.



Sickness and Holidays taken during term time

  • Should your child take a holiday during term time, lunch fees are still due and will need to be paid.
  • Should your child be absent due to sickness or any other reason, lunch fees will be due and need to be paid.
  • In extreme circumstances e.g. extended overseas travel or your child be cared for out of the area for period of time, please speak to the Manager or Deputy to discuss fees.




  • Late or non-payment of lunch club will result in the child’s name being withdrawn from our register and the place offered to another child, a late fee charge will be added to the fees outstanding as per the list shown below.

If the child’s fees have not been paid, the pre-school will pursue payment of the fees using a debt collection agency if deemed necessary.


An administrative fee will be charged for late payment or non-payments of fees.

If payment has not been received for a lunch club on the day the child attends the following charges will be automatically added to the outstanding fees.


1st session or lunch club – fees unpaid - £5 charge


2nd session or lunch club – fees still unpaid – additional £5 charge


3rd session or lunch club -  fees unpaid, session and/or lunch club removed from child


  • If the fees have not been paid, when your child becomes entitled to their funded sessions we will not offer that funded place to your child, it will be offered to the next child on our waiting list. In extreme circumstances you can make prior arrangements with the Manager to extend your instalment period.
  • If you refuse to pay all outstanding fees later then arranged and your child’s place has already been filled by another child, your child will go back on our waiting list until we have a place available.
  • If fees remain outstanding and a sibling is on our waiting list, a place will not be offered to that sibling until all outstanding fees are paid.


  • If the child pays fees and then leaves the pre-school, 1 week’s payment as notice will be deducted from the fees already paid.  Any other monies will be refunded.
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