Images of children

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement: Information and records

Providers must ensure that all staff understand the need to protect the privacy of the children in their care as well the legal requirements that exist.


Statement of Intent:

 Your child’s privacy is always treated with the utmost respect and safeguarding is always a priority


At Ladybirds pre-school we take photographs of the children regularly, and it is important that you know how these images are stored and used for.


Images are used for the following purposes;

  • Learning stories and on-line Learning Journals (Tapestry)
  • Display boards are taken down each day and stored in the locked office
  • Photo books to show events/activities that have taken place (i.e. Library Trips, Red Nose day)
  • Images are used only within Pre-school and never used on hand-outs/advertising unless specific consent has been given


All photo display boards are destroyed at the end of the year and renewed with new children


Images are taken on the Pre-school ipads that are locked in the office each night.  Electronic images of children on tablets/ipads are immediately stored on to each child’s secure Tapestry account and removed from the tablet/ipad gallery. 


The manager does regular checks to ensure that images have been deleted where appropriate.


Images are uploaded from the ipads onto each child’s Tapestry account before the end of each day


Parents give explicit permission for their child to be included in group photos with one or more other children.


Visitors to the pre-school have to sign into the ‘Visitors Book’, IDs are checked before entry. All mobile phones are put securely into the office, so they are not used by visitors in the presence of children.



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