Payment of Fees

Our Policies are under review and will be updated on our website in due course.  These changes are in accordance with the revised EYFS - Dated June 2021

Statement of intent:


We aim to provide high quality yet affordable care and education for all children.

From the term after the child’s third birthday all children are eligible for Nursery Education Funding (NEF) which equates to 15 hours of funded education per week.  Some children may be eligible for their NEF funding after their 2nd birthday:



Some families are entitled to up to 30 hours of Nursery Education Funding:


Hours that are not funded can be paid for.  The rate is reviewed annually. 


Our current payment rates are:


£5 per hour for 3 year olds (e.g. a 3 hour session would be charged at £15)


£4 per hour for 2 year olds (e.g. a 3 hour session would be charged at £12)


Parents/carers are informed of any increases to hourly rates with a minimum of 1 months notice.



Process for payment of fees:


  • Fees are paid in advance.


  • An invoice will be issued and emailed to the parent/carer. We encourage all fees to be paid electronically. We also accept all childcare vouchers, please arrange this with the setting.  If electronic payments are not possible please speak to the preschool Manager.
  • Invoices can be paid ½ termly, or termly.  Weekly or monthly payment options can also be arranged with agreement with the Manager prior to child’s first session.


Banking Payment – You can make electronic payments via your internet banking. Bank details are listed on each fees invoice. Please reference your payments with your child’s name.



Sickness and Holidays taken during term time

  • Should your child take a holiday during term time, session fees and/or lunch fees are still due and will need to be paid.
  • Should your child be absent due to sickness or any other reason, session fees and or lunch fees will be due and need to be paid.
  • In extreme circumstances e.g. extended overseas travel or your child being cared for out of the area for period of time, please speak to the Manager or Deputy to discuss fees.



All fees must be paid in advance. Late payment fees will be charged as follows.

If payment has not been received by the day the child attends the following charges will be automatically added to the outstanding fees.


1st attendance – fees outstanding -  £5 charge


2nd attendance – fees still outstanding – additional £5 charge


3rd session  - fees outstanding – a further £5 charge.


If payment has not been made, preschool reserves the right to cancel the booked sessions and offer them to families awaiting places.


If the child’s fees have not been paid, the preschool will pursue payment of the fees using a debt collection agency if deemed necessary.

  • If the fees have not been paid, when your child becomes entitled to their funded sessions a funded place will not be offered to your child, it will be offered to the next child on our waiting list. In extreme circumstances you can make prior arrangements with the Manager to extend your instalment period.
  • If you refuse to pay all outstanding fees later than arranged and your child’s place has already been filled by another child, your child will go back on our waiting list until we have a place available.
  • If fees remain outstanding and a sibling is on our waiting list, a place will not be offered to that sibling until all outstanding fees are paid.

Change of Sessions/Leavers

  • If you no longer require any sessions, you must give 4 weeks written notice of your required change.  If you are leaving the setting, 4 weeks written notice is also required.  All fees are due until the end of the 4 weeks and
  •  must be paid in full.

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