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Policy statement

At Ladybirds preschool we provide all children attending with an ‘online learning journal’ through the platform of ‘Tapestry’, which records observations, photos and videos and also provides an opportunity for parents to comment and add their own observations to their own child’s journal.  This helps to provide a strong partnership between the setting and home as the children develop from when they first attend the preschool through to when they leave to attend Primary School (or for any other reasons if before this time).




  • At Ladybirds Pre-school we use the secure online system Tapestry which allows staff and parents to access the information via a personal password protected login.
  • Each child is allocated a key person who is responsible for their development and the compilation of their learning journals, however all staff are able to capture observations for each others children.
  • Parents logging into the system are only able to see their child(ren)’s learning journal.
  • Parent access allows them to comment (or ‘reply’) to observations that staff have inputted as well as adding their own observations and photos/videos – any observations the parents add have to be approved and added into the journal by the manager to ensure appropriate content.
  • Before parents are linked to their child(ren)’s learning journal they are asked to give permission for their child’s photo to appear in other children’s learning journals.
  • Before using accessing the system, parents have to sign to agree not to download and share any information on any other online platforms or social networking sites (such as Facebook).
  • Each child’s learning journal is a document to record their learning and development which parents can add comments on or contribute to with information of what they have been doing at home. Any further discussion of progress or concerns will be done during a face to face conversation at the setting during a prior agreed time.
  • Observations are regularly monitored by the manager and assessed during staff meetings/regular supervisions to ensure they are providing relevant and informative information.



Safe Use Agreement


  • Staff should log out of the Tapestry app or program when they are finished in order to maintain confidentiality.
  • Staff should not share log in or password details with any person not employed by Ladybirds Pre-School.
  • Staff should not share any information or photographs relating to children with any person not employed by Ladybirds Pre-School.
  • Staff should take all responsible steps to ensure the safe keeping of any portable device e.g. iPad that they are using and report any missing devices.
  • All entries on Tapestry must be appropriate.
  • At all times staff must comply with Safeguarding policies (including data protection, Images of children, confidentiality)
  • Staff are able to “sign out” a iPad/tablet with the manager or deputy to take home over night, the manager checks there are no gallery pictures and on return will check internet history before it is signed back in
  • Staff only have their own log in details at practitioner level i.e. limited use, the manager has the overall log in details for full access.


This policy runs in conjunction with the following policies:

  • Use of mobile phones policy
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Images of children
  • Confidentiality


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Policy adopted at meeting – Feb 2018

Reviewed by : Ladybirds Directors


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Feb 2018










Available seperately in setting




Policy statement


It is important for the Preschool that any fraud, misconduct or wrongdoing by employees or people involved with the Preschool is reported and properly dealt with.


Therefore the Preschool encourages all individuals to raise any concerns that they may have about the conduct of others in the Preschool setting or the way in which the Preschool is run.


 We recognise that effective and honest communication is essential if malpractice is to be dealt with effectively.


Whistleblowing is separate from the grievance procedure. If any person involved with the Preschool has a concern about malpractice they should report any concerns to the Preschool Manager. If this is not possible then concerns can be reported to the management committee.


All employees and individuals involved in the Preschool should be aware of the importance of preventing and eliminating wrongdoing within the Preschool.


Everyone should be watchful for illegal, inappropriate or unethical conduct and report anything that they become aware of.


All matters raised will be investigated thoroughly, promptly and confidentially and the outcome of the investigation reported back to the person who raised the issue.


There will be no victimisation of anyone raising a concern and their employment or promotion prospects will not be prejudiced because they have raised a legitimate concern. Victimisation of an individual for raising a qualified disclosure will be a disciplinary offence.


If misconduct is discovered as a result of an investigation the Preschool’s disciplinary procedures will be used as well as any external measures, if appropriate.


If anyone makes a malicious, vexatious or a false allegation, it will be considered to be a disciplinary offence and dealt with under the Preschool’s disciplinary procedures.


An instruction to cover up wrongdoing is itself a disciplinary offence. If an individual is told not to raise a concern, even by their line manager, they should report the matter to the Directors.


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Policy adopted at meeting – Feb 2011

Reviewed by : Ladybirds Directors


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Oct 2017











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