Ladybirds Preschool Ofsted rating Porchester Rd July 2015: Outstanding Ludlow Dec 2015 : Outstanding
Ladybirds Preschool    Ofsted rating Porchester Rd July 2015: Outstanding           Ludlow Dec 2015 : Outstanding 
  Policy Title Rvw Rvw Rvw Rvw  
A1 Administering Medicines   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
A2 Admissions   Sep-15 Apr-16 Oct-17  
A3 Allegations Against Staff/Volunteers Involving Children   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
A4 Attendance     Apr-16 Sep-17  
B1 Behaviour Management   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
C1 Childrens rights & entitlements       Oct-17  
C2 Commitment of Quality    Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
C3 Communication Between Settings & Parents/Carers   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
C4 Complaints    Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
C5 Confidentiality   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17 Feb-18
E1 Emergency Planning Ludlow   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
E2 Emergency Planning Porchester   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
E3 Equality and diversity   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
E4 Equipment and resources   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
F1 Family Involvement   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
F2 Food and drink   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
H1 Health and safety   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
H2 Healthy eating and nutrition       Jan-17  
H3 Home Visit Policy   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
I1 Images of Children Policy   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17 Feb-18
L1 Looked After Children   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
L2 Lost Child   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
L3 Lunch Club Mar-14 Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
M1 Managing children who are sick, infectious, or with allergies.   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
M2 Mission Statement   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
N1 Nappy Changing   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
N2 Non Smoking   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
N3 Non-collection of children   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
N4 Notification of Infectious Diseases    Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
O1 Outdoor learning policy       Oct-17  
O2 Outdoor play   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
O3 Outings and Trips   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
P1 Payment of Fees Mar-14 Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
P2 Peer Observation   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
P3 Physical activity play policy - Ludlow       Oct-17  
P4 Physical activity play policy - Porchester       Oct-17  
P5 Pupil Premium (the use of)         Mar-18
S1 Safe Guarding Children   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
S2 Security   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
S3 Settling in pre-school   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
S4 Special educational needs and disability   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
S5 Staffing and employment   Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  
S6 Student placement   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
S7 Suitable Wear   Sep-15 Apr-16 Sep-17  
T1 Tapestry         Feb-18
W1 Welcome Pack   Sep-15 Sep-16 Sep-17  
W2 Whistle blowing Jun-14 Sep-15 Sep-16 Oct-17  

Contact details:

Ladybirds Ludlow       02380 447997               

Ladybirds Porchester 02380 431226

Ladybirds Preschool at Ludlow  (all correspondence to this address)

Ludlow Infant Academy

Ludlow Rd 


SO19 2EU




Ladybirds Preschool at Porchester

The Scout Hut

Porchester Rd



SO19 2JB



Opening Hours



8.45am - 3.30pm

Monday to Thursday. 


Friday 8.45am - 12.30pm




Porchester 8.45am - 3.30pm

Monday to Friday.

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