Policy Title Rvw Rvw Rvw Rvw
A1 Administering Medicines Sep-16 Sep-17 Jan-19  
A2 Admissions Apr-16 Oct-17    
A3 Allegations Against Staff/Volunteers Involving Children Sep-16 Sep-17    
A4 Attendance Apr-16 Sep-17 Dec-18  
B1 Behaviour Management Sep-16 Sep-17 Mar-18  
C1 Childrens rights & entitlements   Oct-17    
C2 Commitment of Quality  Sep-16 Sep-17    
C3 Communication Between Settings & Parents/Carers Sep-16 Oct-17    
C4 Complaints  Sep-16 Sep-17    
E1 Emergency Planning Ludlow Sep-16 Oct-17    
E2 Emergency Planning Porchester Sep-16 Mar-17    
E3 Equality and diversity Sep-16 Sep-17    
E4 Equipment and resources Sep-16 Sep-17    
F1 Family Involvement Sep-16 Sep-17 Feb-18  
F2 Food and drink Sep-16 Sep-17    
G1 General data protection regulation / confidentiality     Mar-18 Dec-18
H1 Health and safety Sep-16 Sep-17    
H2 Healthy eating and nutrition   Jan-17    
H3 Home Visit Policy Sep-16 Oct-17    
I1 Images of Children Policy Sep-16 Sep-17 Feb-18  
L1 Looked After Children Sep-16 Oct-17    
L2 Lost Child Sep-16 Sep-17    
L3 Lunch Club Sep-16 Sep-17 Feb-18  
M1 Managing children who are sick, infectious, or with allergies. Sep-16 Sep-17    
M2 Mission Statement Sep-16 Sep-17    
N1 Nappy Changing Sep-16 Oct-17    
N2 Non Smoking Sep-16 Oct-17    
N3 Non-collection of children Sep-16 Oct-17    
N4 Notification of Infectious Diseases  Sep-16 Oct-17    
O1 Outdoor learning policy   Oct-17    
O2 Outdoor play Sep-16 Oct-17    
O3 Outings and Trips Sep-16 Oct-17    
P1 Payment of Fees Sep-16 Sep-17    
P2 Peer Observation Sep-16 Sep-17    
P3 Physical activity play policy - Ludlow   Oct-17    
P4 Physical activity play policy - Porchester   Oct-17 Mar-18  
P5 Pupil Premium (the use of)     Mar-18  
S1 Safe Guarding Children Sep-16 Oct-17 Mar-18 Sep-18
S2 Security Sep-16 Sep-17    
S3 Settling in pre-school Sep-16 Sep-17 Dec-18  
S4 Special educational needs and disability Sep-16 Sep-17 Dec-18  
S5 Staffing and employment Sep-16 Oct-17    
S6 Student placement Sep-16 Sep-17 Feb-18  
S7 Suitable Wear Apr-16 Sep-17 Feb-18  
S8 Safe recruitment of staff Sep-18      
T1 Tapestry     Feb-18  
W1 Welcome Pack Sep-16 Sep-17    
W2 Whistle blowing Sep-16 Oct-17    

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