Ladybirds Preschool Ofsted rating Porchester Rd July 2015: Outstanding Ludlow Dec 2015 : Outstanding
Ladybirds Preschool    Ofsted rating Porchester Rd July 2015: Outstanding           Ludlow Dec 2015 : Outstanding 



Newsletter -  Summer- 2018


Summer is here!  Hard to believe some days when it still feels like winter, but Summer brings about newness…the confirmation of new school spaces for children starting school in September and confirmation of new friends joining preschool in September. Children can sometimes become a little unsettled when there is a lot of change but we will be doing lots of things to help them to process changes ahead. 


School preparation will remain very low key until after half term – as September is a long, long way off in the world of small people!  However, we plan to offer events and information as the end of term approaches.



Jasmine will be joining us from May.  Jasmine usually works at our Porchester Road setting, but is returning from maternity leave and has kindly agreed to join the Ludlow team for Monday to Thursday afternoons.  We are looking forward to welcoming her to the afternoon team.




NEW!  Is your child starting school in September?  If you have questions about preparing to start school and/or would like ideas and resources to borrow from preschool come and join us from 4 – 5 on Tuesday 19th June. Preschool children and siblings welcome!

We open our gate 5 minutes early (at 8.40 every day) so that children can be dropped off in plenty of time to get older siblings to school.  We will be closing our gates promptly at 8.50 each day.  We would really appreciate your support in arriving at preschool on time, as we will be holding special activity groups for some of the children first thing each morning.  Also, children do settle better when they start the day with their friends.




We recently consulted with our Parent Forum group, as toys and items from home have started to be brought in.  All agreed that it’s best if children don’t bring items from home into preschool, as unfortunately lost, ‘borrowed’ or broken things from home can be very upsetting for children.  If the children have something special they’d like to share, you can take a photo and add it to Tapestry, we’ll have a look with them and have a chat about it.



You don’t need to bring drinks bottles to lunch club, as we have milk, water and cups available.  This is a much healthier option than juice and bottles. We also remind you to try to make lunch boxes as healthy as possible, remembering that we do not allow nuts or nut spreads due to allergies and sweets, chocolates and chocolate bars are not allowed.  Even the ‘pickiest’ of children may try new/healthier options if they see their friends eating them and we’ll do our best to encourage them too.



Friday 4th May – Little Ladybirds  1 – 3pm

Monday 7th May – BANK HOLIDAY – preschool closed

Monday 28th May -  Friday 1st June – HALF TERM- PRESCHOOL CLOSED

Monday 4th June – Preschool reopens

Tuesday 26th June – Preschool photographer


Monday 16th – Friday 20th July – CELEBRATION WEEK!

Monday – Sports morning/picnic/sports pm

Tuesday – Story time am Silly Scott Magic pm

Wednesday – Motley Zoo with mini-beasts

Thursday – Longdown Farm

Friday – Stayers, leavers and joiners party – Jeffries Jungle


Friday 6th July – Little Ladybirds 1 – 3pm



Preschool will be closed from 12 on 20th July and will reopen on Wednesday 5th September for new and returning children.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents, grandparents, childminders, friends and your wonderful children for making this year an absolute blast – we hope you all had fun too and wish you and your children continued health, happiness and learning.




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