Ofsted report December 2015


Inspection date  







Inspection date 5th December 2015

The quality and standards of this early years provision:  Outstanding 1

Previous inspection:                                            Outstanding 1 


How well the early years provision meets the   

needs of the children who attend  :

Outstanding 1


The contribution of the early years provision     

to the well being of children: Outstanding 1


The effectiveness of the leadership and

management of the early years provision           Outstanding 1





Summary of key findings for parents  


This provision is outstanding    


  • All children make excellent progress at this pre-school. They learn to be inquisitive and confident, and are excellently prepared for moving on to school. Those children with specific additional needs have these met extremely well.  


  • All staff make sure that children are fully involved in play when they are free to choose what they are doing. They follow children interests extremely well; carefully checking their development and planning interesting activities that help children make rapid progress.  


  • Parents say that their children have made especially good progress in relating to other children. They are well informed about how well their children are doing and highly value the support and advice that the staff give them.  


  • There is an excellent staff team that is well led and managed. Together they are continually embracing new ideas, and checking and making improvements to their practice. There is a strong ambition to continually improve.  


  • There are excellent relationships at all levels. All children and families are included and valued. Adults are excellent role models for the children and there are high expectations so that behaviour is excellent. Parents remark that their children have learnt very good manners.  




What the setting needs to do to improve further   




To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:  


  • check carefully that large group sessions enable all children to learn as well as possible.   



Inspection activities  

  • The inspector observed children playing, planned activities and the staff's interaction with the children.   

   There was a joint observation and meetings with the manager.   


  • The inspector had informal discussions with members of staff, and made sure that employment checks met requirements and other statutory requirements were met.   

   The inspector spoke to parents and reviewed a recent survey of their views.   

   The inspector reviewed the resources and how they are used.   




Janet Dinsmore  


Inspection findings  


Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding    


There is an uncompromising ambition to continually improve. The manager leads the staff team well and makes sure that all update their training and skills, so improving their practice. There is an excellent partnership with all agencies that support children, particularly those who have special educational needs. Policies and procedures are rigorous and make sure that all are safe within the setting and staff know exactly what to do if they have any concerns about children. Safeguarding is effective. Staff use a range of highly effective checks to make sure that children's development is as expected, especially in language and communication. Staff and managers use these, fully involving parents, so that children make excellent progress and the setting continues to improve.       


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding    


Staff have an excellent knowledge of how children learn and develop so that they plan activities that continually promote all aspects of this. The key persons plan specific activities to accelerate children's progress, and these are highly effective. Staff check children's language accurately. They pick up any slower development so that children get exactly the right support to catch up quickly. Children use the well-arranged resources independently and can develop their interests and skills, for example, exploring the excellent range of equipment outside. Staff follow children's interests well and then use careful questioning to develop the play so that children's skills are continually extended. Occasionally, when working as a large group, a few children do not have enough opportunities to be fully involved in learning.  



Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding    


Children have excellent opportunities to work and play together. For example, they learn to use scissors and knives safely, and begin to judge risk for themselves, such as when playing with balls outside. They become independent in using the toilet and know why and when they need to wash their hands. There are high quality relationships between staff and children, and staff know children extremely well. Staff have rigorous systems to check all aspects of children's safety and welfare, and this is communicated well to parents when they collect their children.    



Outcomes for children are outstanding   


Children are enthusiastic to explain what they are doing and communicate extremely well.  

They have developed all the physical and social skills that they will need at school.  

Disabled children, those who have special educational needs and those who are learning English as an additional language make excellent progress. Disadvantaged children catch up quickly from their starting points.   



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