Newsletter -  Spring/Summer 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you are looking forward to the Easter Break. We look forward to hearing from the children about their adventures. It has been a very busy and fun term at preschool, which is made all the better with your involvement and encouragement – so thank you!



Jenny has settled into the team with her key group of ‘blackberries’ children and is very popular with all of the children.  Jenny is also joining Ladybirds Explorers for some Friday afternoons and is enjoying all of the Explorer adventures that take place! 



Children continue to enjoy Dinky Dancers on a Thursday morning where they engage in fun, themed activities that develop all sorts of abilities.

We have also begun Superstar Sports sessions which will take place every Monday morning.  The children had a super first session, and may have told you all about ‘King Charlie’ – the superstar coach! We are currently using money that we received from a Co-op Communities Grant that we successfully applied for to pay for these extra activities, as the feedback from the children has been fantastic.



We are optimistic that with Easter approaching, the weather may also begin to improve.  However, sunny weather does mean that we need to ensure children’s skin is protected from harmful rays.  So just a reminder dress children in clothing that will protect their skin e.g. clothing with sleeves.  Please don’t send the children in open toed shoes, crocs or sandals. Sunscreen is important, we offer a £5 ‘one-off’ charge for the year, or alternatively please bring your own (speak to a member of staff for a letter or payment slip) named sunscreen for us to keep and use. We are happy to apply the sunscreen.

We will also ensure that on hot days, the garden is set up with plenty of shade and, when necessary change our routine to avoid the middle of the day.




At preschool age children flourish with a secure routine and this forms good habits for their school years and beyond, so whilst we appreciate the difficulties in getting children ready and to school on time, we would really encourage it.  Also, whilst we appreciate that situations can happen that can cause delay when collecting children, please take a moment to let us know. then we can reassure your child. Consistent late pick-ups may incur a charge



Fundraising continues through our ‘red box’ donations towards snack and consumables – thank  you all for your donations to this.  In addition, donations via our Giving Tree continue, which is fantastic – so thank you again!  We have some fundraising activities coming up, which include a quiz night, spring activities and raffles. If anyone is willing to donate raffle prizes we would be really thrilled.  Perhaps you know of a business owner that might donate a product or service for our raffle?  All proceeds will be added to our ‘extra activities’ fund to continue to provide these valuable experiences for the children.



Monday 1st to Thursday 4th April – Spring Sensation Activities week – see separate letter.

Wednesday 3rd April – Easter craft party and AGM – 4.15 – 5.45 – please see separate letter.

Friday 5th April – Easter bonnet parade, Easter story hunt, and Easter raffle preschool closes at 12.30 (no Explorers)


Tuesday 23rd April – PRESCHOOL REOPENS for Summer term.

Thurs 25th April – 7.30  Quiz Night Mettricks.


Lastly… we appreciate that there will be a lot of change over the coming months.  Pleased be assured that we always have the children at the centre of everything we do.  We are excited about the opportunities that the changes will present, and available at any time to have discussions on individual basis.  We will keep you all informed and updated as things progress.  The support we get from our families is a huge factor in our success, and we thank you all for it. Together we make a great team!




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