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Planning for safety and emotional well-being of children returning/starting  pre-school in September 2021

(please remember this is our plan as of September 2021 and it may change over in accordance with anything the Government announce. I will contact you via email or tapestry  if this happens.)


  • If your child is in ANYWAY unwell please do not bring them in
  • If ANYONE in your household is unwell with any COVID symptoms, please ensure you inform us IMMEDIATELY.
  • If any of the staff members become unwell with symptoms you will be notified immediately.
  • Everyone at preschool (staff and children) and their immediate families will have access to tests should they be required.
  • Staff will continue to do twice weekly lateral flow tests to ensure we are safe to work
  • A negative test will result in no further measures taking place. We may ask to see the email/text message for the results if you can email this to the pre-school.
  • A positive test will mean that the infected staff member or child and their immediate family members will have to follow the NHS advice to isolate and stay away from pre-school until it is safe to return (we are aware this advice is changing frequently)
  • This may result in the whole of pre-school being closed for the required amount of time and we will follow the guidance given to us by the DfE and Public Health helplines.


  • It is essential that you try and limit the number of things going back and forth to pre-school. DO NOT bring anything from home unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • On each day please bring in a bag that be CLEANED daily.
  • This bag NEEDS TO contain:

1.A change of clothes.

2.A sun hat

3.Sun cream (unless you pay for pre-school cream) Please put sun cream on before they come into pre-school and we can top up.

4.Wellies and a coat.

  • Children will still be expected to hand sanitiser as soon as they arrive and wash their hands throughout the day (before and after food, after using the toilet/nappy changing/if they pick their nose etc). And their bags will be sprayed with anti-bac spray
  • We will continue to follow the “catch it, bin it, kill it” slogan with children and staff.
  • Please put their lunch in a plastic/material bag and this can be placed on the lunch trolley which will be outside on arrival.
  • Accident/incident forms will continue be photographed and put onto Tapestry for you rather than you sign the books, again to ensure we are not all touching multiple surfaces by lots of people. Please acknowledge that you have read the accident form on Tapestry.
  • PLEASE ensure we have the most up-to-date contact details for you and you are available every day on the phone for us to contact you if needed and that you (or one parent) is close enough that they collect your child quickly, again if required.
  • We would prefer not to take any cash at this time, if you would like to make a snack donation please do so via online banking: Direct to our Bank: Co-Operative Bank, Account Name: Ladybirds Preschool Porchester, Sort Code: 08 92 99 Account Number: 65854961. Alternatively, you can make payments via our new contactless card payment machine.



  • ONE (1) parent ONLY to drop off/pick up children but adhere to social distancing.
  • We would still like parents to wear a mask at drop off and pick up times (we are aware we can not enforce this as it is no longer a legal requirement) All staff at these times will wear a face mask.
  • As we will still be adhering to social distancing please be patient at busier times and stand outside the gates if the path is busy
  • Pick up/drop off times will remain the same
  • NO parents or visitors are to come into pre-school from September 2021 (we will review this as the term progresses and we have more of an understanding how the easing of restrictions may affect us); you will pass your child over to the member of staff at the main door who will guide them in.
  • If your child is unsettled on arrival their key person will come out to the garden to support, you in a smooth transition.


  • We do not need to keep children in small “bubbles” as before but will still have our thorough risk assessment in place to ensure we follow guidance, cleaning, and prevention.
  • Children will NOT be expected to distance from each other and reference to the virus will only be in answer to any questions and given in a sensitive manor.
  • We will continue to make the most of outside as this is a healthier option for all, we will create more shady areas as protection from the sun and ensure they are wrapped up warm in the colder weather, inside we may put on the heating but the windows will be open to ensure good ventilation at all times.
  • We will continue with our strict cleaning schedule; we will clean toys, surfaces and contact points regularly throughout the day and then a deeper clean of the hall at the end of each day.
  • We will continue to have a limited amount of soft furnishings and dressing up so we can wash it regularly. The playdough will be made fresh daily. Sand will be available but again we will replace with fresh regularly
  • We have full sets of PPE if a child becomes unwell, as a staff member will have to isolate and be with them.


This is all for us to stay safe and is obviously based on mutual respect and trust for each other, we can absolutely assure you that everyone in our pre-school is doing everything they can to stick to the rules and stay healthy.

We will review our plans at the end of the Autumn Term and take into account any new guidance/restrictions advised by the Government.



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