Porchester Road Outbreak Management Plan Febraury 2022

Appendix 1 – Outbreak Management Plan

During any outbreak or possible increased prevalence in the local area, the following additional considerations will be implemented where possible.  Measures will be implemented on a proportionate basis ie. If a full outbreak takes place (more than 5 cases linked to the setting) steps will be taken to implement the full list of measures.


Additional protective measure


Actions to implement


Additional notes and accountability

Vaccinations and testing


The setting will continue to promote vaccinations for all eligible staff and parents.

The setting will continue to undertake twice weekly testing for all staff.

The setting will require negative PCR tests if staff or children have symptoms.

Evidence of negative PCR result will be required for staff or children to return to the setting before the self-isolation period if they have had symptoms.

Increased ventilation and use of outdoor area


Rooms will be ventilated through open windows or doors. Activities will be promoted outside.

Children and staff will need extra layers during cold spells.

Parents will be reminded of this.

Use of CO2 detectors

CO2 detectors will be used to monitor ventilation and air quality levels in smaller spaces


Increased cleaning


Increased cleaning of touchpoints, resources and areas.

Sanitiser spray will be used on soft furnishing


Children wash hands before coming in to preschool, on arrival and after coming in from outside as well as after using the toilet and before and after eating. 


Monitoring of group sizes in preschool

Group sizes may be decreased but segregating parts of preschool if necessary.

Families will be asked to consider the use of more than one educational setting. 

Restricting resources

Sand, play dough and other malleable materials which are difficult to clean/sanitise may be removed or reduced temporarily


Face coverings


Face coverings will be required for drop off and collections.  The setting will promote the use of face coverings where possible.

PPE will be used for personal care routines.

Face coverings will be available for staff or parents to use.

Social distancing at busy drop off/collection times

Parents will be asked to use the social distancing markers to avoid close proximity to other parents.


Visits to settings


Where visits cannot be taken remotely, visitors will be required to produce a negative lateral flow test taken the day of the visit and to wear a face covering during the visit.

Face coverings will be available for staff or parents to use.

Group events and performances


Group events will not take place during high prevalence or outbreaks


Staff shortages

In the case of outbreak affecting staff attendance.  Some staff may support the setting remotely eg. DSL will be contactable on the telephone or Zoom if unable to attend in person.


Attendance limitations (these will only be implemented as a last resort)

Vulnerable children and children of critical workers will take priority if it becomes necessary to reduce the number of children attending.  Tapestry will be used to create home learning suggestions.

Parents have been emailed to ascertain those that are critical workers.  The critical and essential worker list will be observed with any necessary changes to priority list.



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